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Hemet Concert Association Awarded $40,000 California Arts Council Creative Youth Development Grant

Hemet, CA. – The California Arts Council has announced a grant award of $40,000 toHemet Concert Association as part of its Creative Youth Development program in its final round of funding for 2022.


The goal of the project is for the artists to engage youth in world class music. Fandango is a multi-award-winning, globe-trotting virtuosi. The Rice Bros are winners of gold medals in an international Chopin competition. Svetlana Smolina is an outstanding pianist with a luxuriant tone who has won several prestigious international competitions. From Baroque and Classical, to Jazz and Pop, Alias Brass performs music for every taste with energy, artistry, and showmanship. Performing on stringed folk instruments accompanied by lively percussion, Jarabe Mexicano’s dramatic vocals in Spanish and English have gained them the admiration of audiences across the country. All the concerts take place at Tahquitz High School Theatre located 4425 Titan Trail, Hemet from 2pm-4pm (Sundays). Musical Wings invites students to participate the day after the concert in a Q & A session with the performing artists at the HSJ Unified School District after school. There are 5 concerts lined up for 2023 and five 1 hour Monday Musical Wings sessions scheduled. Our program serves over 36,000 youth in the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley. Concert admission is free to youth under 24 years old. Not only does the location provide an environment that students are familiar with; it's an appropriate learning


HCA provides "Musical Wings" Student Outreach Programs on most Mondays following the concert. These programs foster cultural expansion, community enrichment, offer music as an emotional expression, and serve as a source of encouragement for future music related opportunities for youth

HCA’s President, Dr. Tom Garnella, said, “The HCA’s mission is to promote cultural diversity through world-class musical experiences, while educating, encouraging and supporting aspiring young musicians throughout the San Jacinto Valley and surrounding areas. With the ever-present support of its patrons, subscribers, and community partners, the Association will use this grant to expand its efforts to bring even more world-class music to local public, charter, and private students as well as home-schooled youth. It will also definitely further HCA’s Music Education Fund which is used for scholarships and grants that it makes.  The CAC award is tremendously appreciated and will serve as a high note in making HCA’s 50th anniversary a most memorable and positive season.”


Hemet Concert Association was featured as part of a larger announcement from the California Arts Council, with grant awards totaling more than $2.8 million across 48 grants supporting artists, culture bearers, and cultural workers throughout the state of California.

The final round of funding for the 2022 grant season included three opportunities in support of arts education and creative youth development, grantee technical assistance, and funding to identify a partner administering organization to regrant funds for individual artists fellowships in the Northern California region.

Altogether, the projected sum of grants awarded for 2022’s funding cycle is more than $145 million—by far the biggest annual investment in California Arts Council history. “Even as we spread the word for our 2023 program offerings, we are thrilled to shine a light and celebrate California’s arts workforce with one last funding announcement for 2022,” said California Arts Council Director Jonathan Moscone. “We are deeply grateful for Governor Newsom and the Legislature’s overwhelming investment in our agency’s work to ensure an equitably supported arts sector.”


To view listings of all California Arts Council grantees for the final round of 2022, visit this link:  For more information about the HCA, visit


The California Arts Council is a state agency with a mission of strengthening arts, culture, and

creative expression as the tools to cultivate a better California for all. It supports local arts infrastructure and programming statewide through grants, initiatives, and services. The California Arts Council envisions a California where all people flourish with universal access to and participation in the arts.


Members of the California Arts Council include: Consuelo Montoya, Chair; Vicki Estrada, Vice Chair; Gerald Clarke; Caleb Duarte; Ellen Gavin; Leah Goodwin; Alex Israel; Phil Mercado; Roxanne Messina Captor; Nicola Miner; and Olivia Raynor. Learn more at

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